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At FEIMAI, our perseverance in excellence lies at the core of our practice; it is the soul of our culture. We take pride in the fact that our team of bathroom design and technology specialists is continually innovating.

In this fast-changing world, our philosophy is to pursue new product vitality with expressive force, and to pay close attention to the development of a culture of excellence.

We know how important bathrooms are, and that’s why we are committed to state-of-the-art manufacturing and hand-crafting processes, the finest materials, and superior quality across the board. With more than 60 product lines – classic and contemporary – and 1,000 bathroom accessories and hardware varieties, FEIMAI’s unique spirit and design philosophy emanates from every bathroom that bears our name.

Just as our wholehearted focus translates directly into our fine craftsmanship, our commitment to professionalism underpins our proficiency. We understand that quality of life is enhanced when one interacts with a quality bathroom space, and it is for this reason that FEIMAI listens attentively, takes pride in our design concept, and produces superb craftsmanship.

For almost two decades now, FEIMAI has moved from success to success. Since we were founded in 1998, we have worked with wholesalers, private companies, and DIY clients, and our products can be found in more than 50 countries and regions, including Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

Is design an art or a science? At FEIMAI, we say both. With our 15,000-m2 production facility, we have mastered the scientific and creative aspects of this complex field. We engage in R&D, casting, metalworking, surface grinding, assembly, and quality control, and our annual output of 1.5 million sets is a testament to our innovation, our enterprise, and our uncompromising attitude regarding scientific precision and artistic perfection.

Our perseverance in excellence lies at the core of our practice; it is the soul of our culture. Ultimately, this penetrates into FEIMAI’s production and business philosophy. The conduct of our team revolves around integrity, effective customer service, and the constant improvement of quality standards, monitoring, and management.

As both scientists and artists, our elite management team, senior mould makers, structural designers, and mechanical engineers are all guided by market requirements. Further guided by our perseverance in excellence, our team strictly follows production regulations while absorbing the most cutting-edge technologies with an open mind. Over the recent two decades, this strategy has enabled us to respond accurately to our customers with advanced quality specifications and standards, to generate innovative products and technical improvements, and to think outside the box.

We remain as firmly committed to our business philosophy today as we did when we first started FEIMAI. As such, we remain convinced that “Details make quality, while quality makes the market.” Just as we have inculcated this philosophy into our corporate culture, we have built a team in which every member is as equally connected to FEIMAI’s spirit of excellence as any other.

All in all, our rise in the field of bathroom products owes everything to our transformation from “craftsmen” to “artists”, our team’s energy, dedication, and focus, and our constant pursuit of excellence.