SINCE 1998

FEIMAI is a quintessentially company who design and manufacture high quality brass bathroom accessories and architectural hardware in classic and contemporary style since 1998. Each pieces are crafted with time honored skills and the latest in manufacturing technology.
Our rise in the field of bathroom products owes everything to our transformation from “craftsmen” to “artists”, our team’s energy, dedication, and focus, and our constant pursuit of excellence.


The company , present in the international market serve the customer group from middle to high level, it relies on highly qualified staff, internal designers, involved in the constant research of an optimal balance among customer, market and production.

We also supplied to some of Chinese most recognized architectural buildings and cooperation with high-end project and hotel.


At present, FEIMAI full product line include 51 complete range of bathroom accessories, some advanced design like free standing accessories which you may difficult find in the market ,most of them use finest brass material, a small range mix zinc alloy and stainless steel.

The product line can be divided into: Hi-tech, modern, classical, special design for hotel or high-end project, simple-use, innovative design, easy installation and safety, with simple and linear aesthetical impact.


FEIMAI is a brand which represents elegant, graceful, timeless and innovative high-end brass bathroom accessories.

FEIMAI is passionately delivering a luxurious lifestyle with “from the heart, for the life” bathroom culture.


Increasingly the demand for high quality bathroom accessories shows the global clients from everywhere recognition of high-quality products, high-end design and reliable manufacturers.

"Quality and integrity constitute the key reasons that client choose to buy FEIMAI bathroom accessories, these factor will boost company sustainable development." said by president of FEIMAI.

FEIMAI offer a level of reassurance that can’t be offered elsewhere, with more transparency when it comes to the provenance of their products and the sustainability of their manufacturing processes.

Thus, we always keep going...


There is a point where style meets the essential values of life, where design and quality become a commitment.

As an manufacturer of trend-setting bathroom accessories, FEIMAI has built its reputation as an interpreter and protagonist of modern lifestyle, bringing creativity and inspiration into bath culture.

As a company, being keenly aware of human and environmental issues and values.

FEIMAI points of strength:

-Professional & Reliable service
20 years experience, all products made by FEIMAI own factory.

-Innovative & Flexible
Concentrate on R&D, offer customized collection.

-Full product line
Offer more than 51 complete series more than 1000 items.

-Supported by a truly vertically-integrated supply chain
We hold the share of electroplating supplier.

-Respect of worldwide environmental and engineering standards