As the responsible and true manufacturer, FEIMAI is doing the new way.
Every procedure of making FEIMAI product is carefully designed and rigorously executed. Quality check goes through the whole production process.
Casting, also known as hot stamping, is the process by which metal is heated and shaped by plastic deformation by suitably applying compressive force. Brass casting is not advanced technology, but essence of traditional skill which is extracted from FEIMAI's nearly 20 years experience.

Experienced casting are consistent from piece to piece, without any of the porosity, voids, inclusions and other defects. Thus, metalworking do not expose voids, which make finishing operation more efficient. Also polishing and coating operations (such as plating or painting) are straightforward due to a good surface.
We pay close attention to the latest technologies which can optimize production process without lowering product quality. CNC machining technology was fast developing in last decade now has been fully employed to our machining process for best precision acquiring.
Our different type polish machines applied different material polishing skills and understand how to make glossy surface without losing perfect curve and shape for best preparation to coating. Every piece of brass strictly goes through 7-stage polishing procedure from grit grinding to glossy polished surface.
Only brass pieces that have been inspected and passed can go to the plating procedure. At least, our finished part wears 3 coats for best quality and appearance. The first coat is copper as strong base of wearing quality. Then nickel is dressed for corrosion resistance. For chrome finished part, the third coat is chrome as the final appearance. Besides chrome plating, we offer other finishes in excellent quality for various demands, like polished gold, satin nickel, antique bronze, matt black...