Sustainability is the topic of our time. In order to remain successful as a company, it is important to give back to society what makes this success possible. It is important to respect the limits of the planet and society and to act within them.  FEIMAI committed to future generations to continue on the path we have taken, to face up to the issues and to actively shape the future. Our ecological action have a little impact on the environment as possible and conserve resources secures the economic future.



Our products designs come from a deep love of brass – our most favorite material. It is organic; When manufactured responsibly, it's a material that takes skill to master and is ever-changing. It is cold to the touch but has life and temperament. It will oxidize during to use depending on its surroundings. And it only grows more beautiful as time passes. Therefore, each piece of product will always have its very own process to manufacture. Not only does this frame of mind support our vision of sustainability, it also honors the idiosyncrasies of natural materials. 

Our approach to creating a conscious collection began by our use of sustainable materials. All of our products are made from the purest Northern European brass, where every scrap of waste material is recycled. This process also yields a smaller carbon footprint in comparison to aluminium or steel. The brass is then crafted with purpose – it is milled, polished by hand for a flawless finish and then electroplated using a controlled artisan process.


As an Environmentally Conscious Company, FEIMAI is dedicated to ensuring sustainable and environmentally positive business practices based on the vision of creating a value-driven design brand that explores materials and preserves our earth through an exceptional design philosophy.

By consistently developing processes that expand product life cycles and by providing an increasing number of EcoSmart products, FEIMAI remains committed to increasing the consciousness of the their guests to the importance of an ecological global commitment. Where appropriate and whenever possible recyclable materials are used.

In our endeavours towards a more sustainable future, we are also underway in our transition of removing all single-use plastic for our packaging, with the use of eco-friendly packaging already underway. This fully recyclable packaging aims to be the best for the planet while maintaining its integrity, so that it arrives to its destination in pristine condition.

Taking responsibility for our future TODAY!