Quality Needs
Without doubt, the outstanding quality of FEIMAI bathroom accessories crucially depends on our experienced manufacturing skills, precise production process, and quality control procedure. However, the choice of material is foundation of quality achievements. Brass is the material with excellent properties of high malleability and excellent corrosion resistance. i.e. it will not rust away like iron and steel. The surface of brass can be polished to be superiorly shiny and gloss. Other treatments to brass, such as brushed or satin surface, are also showing glamour in attractive way. Brass is friendly to various finishes. It can be easily enameled or plated with chromium, nickel, tin, silver, gold, etc., or lacquered to preserve the natural color.
Environment Protection Needs
As a responsible manufacturer, sustainability remains of utmost importance to us. Environmental protection requires a significant reduction of non-recycling or somewhat recycled materials. Brass is the metal having 100% recyclability. It can be readily recycled without loss of properties. Melting of brass results in a low environmental impact, which can be totally controlled. Brass is fully reusable and environment-friendly, which is not the case for other metals. The use of brass is in the positive way to save significant social resource.
Hygienic Needs
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved the registration of antimicrobial copper alloys, with public health claims. These public health claims acknowledge that copper, brass and bronze are capable of killing harmful, disease-causing, and potentially deadly bacteria, including "superbug" Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The registration shows that copper alloys kill greater than 99.9% of (specific) bacteria within two hours, and continue to kill more than 99% of (these) bacteria even after repeated contamination. Copper Alloy is the first solid surface material to receive this type of EPA registration, which is supported by extensive antimicrobial efficacy testing. As the frequently used products in bathroom, FEIMAI brass-made accessories can help keep healthy by reducing the amount of disease-causing bacteria.
Since 2006, we start cooperation with trade company sell complete set of bathroom accessories to international market.
2008, we moved to the new plant covering building area 15,000㎡ with annual capacity of 1.5million sets.

FEIMAI is truly a vertically-integrated manufacturer. With each product being engineered, manufactured and inspected in-house, the company holds total control of every step in the manufacturing process, then brought to market and deliver the highest levels of form and function.

Relies on expertise honed from years of experience, utilizing advanced craftsmanship and technology, all products are cast, polished, plated with the utmost of precision and care. All products are then painstakingly inspected by hand to insure the highest standard of excellence.


FEIMAI remains committed to use solid brass as the main material.

It is because we realizes that, besides product value, it's important for us to create social value, and share the social responsibility.
Establish in 1998, the company first began to manufacture the small pieces of solid brassware in family run workshop sell to domestic market.